Truck EP [RDF]

Simon Sunset – Blackwire ( RDF Remix ) 06:25
RDF – Truck 08:35
Ron Deacon – Give ( Lowtec Remix ) 7:16

Franz Meersdonk und Günther Willers aka RDF are back on the road. The speedometer obviously tweaked, turned up and back on track. On the way Tramper Simon Sunset got on board, et voila: made himself comfortable in the back cabin. Left a bunch of wood back there.

They drove the Semi right into the sawmill and took care of the rough pre-cut themselves. Cutter Lowtec supported the two street heroes with all he’s got, or rather, he actually applied his own cutting-machine-operation. Simon Sunset’s wood cuttings were molded by a bunch of saws, slicers, and files. And for a final fine-tuning Herb LF came running out of the canteen. And lo and behold, the machines spit out three beautifully stable pieces of wood with the finest texture- pattern captured in a stable frame of bark. So good was the material to begin with that nothing was left over for old, stinky bark MULCH.